Audit Tool: Indicators of intentionality

INDICATORS OF INTENTIONALITY Question – Based on Outcome Statements Status Score Progress Score
3.Removing barriers to inclusion is made explicit in the library’s strategic plan1, goals2, policies3, planning documents4 and are articulated in the mission/vision statement5.
4. The library has an active joint team of managers and non-managers1 that are dedicated to assessing and addressing barriers to inclusion; and has incorporated2 removing barriers to inclusion into policy and service planning structures within the organization.
5. The internal team has developed1 and is currently using a group2 with majority representation3 from the targeted community to assist with removing barriers4 to inclusion by informing and guiding this work.
6. A plan of action1 has been developed that includes:
  • an analysis of community needs2 and gaps3 in service
  • results of the annual social inclusion audit4
  • targeted strategies for governance5, HR6, training/learning7, communication/outreach8, programs/services9, collections development10, implementation, and evaluation11.
7. The library has regular training and learning initiatives1 and discussions with the staff team(s)2 and external stakeholders3 on methods to remove barriers to inclusion for the community and to increase the degree of cultural competency4 and inclusionary practices internally5.
8. With community input and participation1 the library has developed2 and implemented3 various targeted community outreach and communications plans4 to introduce and promote5 the library and it services to the community/groups.
9. The library has established financial resources within this year’s fiscal budget to implement the action plan – in particular, the library has set budget for training/learning1, communications/outreach2, programs/services3, and collections development4.
Status Score (Questions 3-9) /28
Progress Score (Questions 3-9) /28
Indicator of Intentionality 35/56